About fund.

BCI is a private digital asset fund (DAF) that was founded in 2014 as a family enterprise that in time has grown into a much bigger project, albeit retaining the non-public structure and limitations.
The portfolio is composed by professionals and geared for long-term investment, development and adoption of the blockchain technology.
Aside from asset management BCI is actively involved into blockchain development and adoption by creating blockchain and cryptocurrency software, marketing, managing communities, providing advising and consulting services etc.

Asset management

Active asset management, project investing, personal investment solutions development.

Strategy and marketing

The fund offers cooperation with its projects for synergetic and marketing purposes.


Fund and industry utility software development. Our projects can be found on our Github page.

Community management

Successful community creation and development cases, positive public image creation experience.


Strategic development assistance and consulting, including but not limited to classical and venture financing, business development, market making etc.


A team of professional analysts constantly monitors the market for industry trends and developments.


Here is a small sample of the BCI project portfolio.

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